Half-Devil and Half-Child

Blank Projects, Cape Town, South Africa
23 Jan 2014 - 22 Feb 2014

Half-Devil and Half-Child is an exhibition featuring the works of four artists exploring Colonialism and Postcolonialism in their practice.

What is “postcolonial”? It seems to mean so much and nothing all at once. There is an entire field of creative and critical cultural production that is deemed “postcolonial”. It has become the label of a body of scholarship that includes work on the Raj in India, customary law in Africa, and Irish nationalism. For some it signifies the end of formal colonial rule and the founding of new nations. For others it represents liminal spaces, where innocence and trauma are neighbours. Still there’s an incompleteness to it. A limit to what it can hold of the time and space it wefts together; our now. It is a state of perpetual abeyance. There is no new place at which we may arrive; there is only post-colonial. It is a state of absence.

Artists: Andrew Gilbert, Michael MacGarry, Turiya Magadlela and Thembalakh







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