Call for applications

GETXOPHOTO International Image Festival

Punta Begoña Galleries, Getxo, Spain
Deadline: 21 April 2019

Max Pinckers - Matthieu Gafsou / Courtesy Galerie C / Courtesy Galerie Eric Mouchet / MAPS

Max Pinckers - Matthieu Gafsou / Courtesy Galerie C / Courtesy Galerie Eric Mouchet / MAPS

The 13th edition of GETXOPHOTO International Image Festival (Getxo, Basque Country, Spain) will address the challenges faced by individuals in a present where the processes of acceleration automation, artificial intelligence and scientific–technological advances are posing new challenges, as we edge closer to the concept of transhumanism. Thinking about humanity’s future and reflecting on its possibilities is this year’s festival theme.

Programming, defined as the new literacy of the digital age, along with advanced scientific and medical developments, poses new bioethical challenges to traditional social conventions. The way society engages with education and information, establishes human relations or chooses to entertain itself is undergoing a significant shift, and it is still too early to fully evaluate its impact.

Just as the industrial age transformed human labour arising from the relationship between the physical body and the machine, the digital age is exploring the mind’s limitless capacities and digital network creations that can surpass human capabilities or simplify complex intellectual processes.

GETXOPHOTO Festival invites photographers and visual artists from all over the world to share their vision on Post Homo Sapiens. Programming the future.

This Open Call is the opportunity to exhibit in GETXOPHOTO Festival. The four selected works will be exhibited during the 13th edition, from September 4 to 29, 2019 in Punta Begoña Galleries, Getxo.

We are looking for works which challenge the way we think and questions established ideas of engagement. The Open Call is open to visual representations using different mediums as photography, video, installation, archives, documents, among others. The intention is to showcase the very best visual works which challenge the way we think and question established ideas of engagement

The jury is composed by Emilia van Lynden (former artistic director of Unseen), Fiona Shields (head of photography for The Guardian), Azu Nwagbogu (director of LagosPhoto Festival), Elena Navarro (artistic director of FotoMéxico Festival) and Monica Allende (artistic director of GETXOPHOTO).

Submissions can only be made through the Picter platform, where you can check the terms and conditions and FAQs.


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