FILM PROGRAMME: “Hip Hop, Madness and Method”

Weltkulturen Labor, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
10 Jun 2015

FILM PROGRAMME: “Hip Hop, Madness and Method”

Ismaël Thiam, 'Dakar Dakar', 2014, 4’13'

Energised politically and artistically, the streets play a key role in experimental short films and music videos produced in Dakar today. The street is a public space of negotiations, a location fusing and blending music, politics, illness and spiritual rituals.

As a performative space, the city also influences image production. Since the 1980s, the Senegalese cinema of filmmakers Djibril Diop Mambety, Ousmane Sembene or Moussa Sene Absa has included narrative references to the individual elements of this urbanity.

Now, through the integration of elements of hip-hop, psychiatry, graffiti and grass-roots democracy, contemporary music and image production has taken a new direction.

With short films by Elì Roland Sachs and Ismaël Thiam, and clips by Malal Talla/Fou malade, Xuman and the Y’en a marre collective (Thiat, Kilifeu, Fou malade, Simon, Bagdhad, Keyti and others).

Marie-Hélène Gutberlet is a curator, author and film scholar based in Frankfurt. Co-founder of the “reel to real” experimental film series (held in Frankfurt since 2003), she also co-initiated the “Migration & Media” project with its series of international symposia and exhibition projects, most recently “The Space Between Us” (Berlin and Stuttgart 2013–2014). Together with Tobias Hering, she is the co-artistic director of the collaborative translocal project “Visionary Archive” (Berlin, Bissau, Johannesburg, Cairo, Khartoum, 2013-2015), the initiator of the “African Cinema Series#2” (in the Portikus, Frankfurt/Main, since 2013) and publishing editor of the online magazine (2015).


Wednesday, 10th June, 7pm

Weltkulturen Labor, Schaumainkai 37
In German. €5 / reduced €2.50


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