Festival RAPANDAR 2015

Festival RAPANDAR, St. Louis, Senegal
29 Apr 2015 - 02 May 2015

Festival RAPANDAR 2015

Founded in 2003 the Festival RAPANDAR will come back to St. Louis, Sénégal, for its 10th edition. The  Festival 2015 will run from 29  April to 02  May 2015.

The opening of the Festival RAPANDAR will take place at the Institut Français de Saint-Louis-Sénégal on 30 April 2015. Four big concerts are scheduled on Place Faidherbe and at Pikine Angle Tall, in order to cover different neighbourhoods of Saint-Louis. Festival RAPANDAR expects 240 artists in concerts, bars and night clubs.

Before the concerts, the festival hosts music workshops for young people in order to facilitate a cultural and experience exchange between artists from the North and South. Workshops are scheduled for the period 20 April – 02 May 2015.

The association “10.000 problems”  will also organise a workshop for young people from Senegal and abroad interested in learning more about the production of a music festival. This workshop will start two weeks before the opening of the Festival.

Additionally the Festival RAPANDAR will organise in 2015  its 10th edition of the rap competition “Youth: the advocate of society.” The competition participants are local rap groups, who must write and produce a song on the theme Citizen of the World. By giving the youth in Saint Louis the opportunity to perform in front of their elders and peers, we help them build confidence in themselves.

RAPANDAR aims to be accessible to everyone in order to show the power that culture has to instil hope in the future. RAPANDAR calls for a change in the mindset of young people so that they seek and find solutions for their challenges.

The Festival RAPANDAR helps to promote the development of tourism in Saint-Louis – both directly, by attracting national and international audiences (15 000 visitors per day in 2010) and indirectly, by fostering the popularity and the positive image of the city of Saint-Louis.

The establishment on a permanent basis of a festival like RAPANDAR with its impacts on economics and media, would allow to envisage the creation of a professional centre for music rehearsals and recordings.

The Festival offers associations the opportunity to exchange their ideas and their experiences with regard to important social issues such as illegal immigration, combating HIV and violence, with a special focus in this 10th edition, on the situation of the talibé children.

Rap being a very popular music style, the festival facilitates the round up of a great diversity of populations, thereby fostering the consolidation of the social bonds that are essential for the development of a city.


Programme of the 10th edition of the Festival International RAPANDAR : 29 April to 02 May 2015 – Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance, Painting, Art exhibitions 

20 April to 02 May :
International Cultural Exchange – Language Learning Programme, Writing Workshop

20 April to 27 April:
Vaccination campaign in the villages:

25 – 29 April:
Qualifications for the competition RAPANDAR 2014

29 April 2015 :
17h00 : Official Opening Institut Français
18h30 : Cocktail for invited guests
20h00 : Concert programme with 3 bands

30 April : Concert at Pikine Angle Tall

1 May : 10h Parade of the countries represented in the Festival

1 and 2 May: 17h: Concerts and dance at Place Faidherbe

1 – 3 May : 17h00 Happy hours in the bars 17h00 – 20h00


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