Fabrice Monteiro: La voie du Baye Fall

Institut des Cultures d’Islam , Paris, France
13 Sep 2013 - 21 Dec 2013

L’institut des Cultures d’Islam features La voie du Baye Fall (The way of the Baye Fall), a series produced by Fabrice Monteiro whilst living in Dakar and immersed for months in the Baye Fall community.

This body of work looks at faith, attire, rituals and trances through portraits and scenes from daily life. A way of life, the Baye Fall are Muslim Sufi of the Wolof world. Monteiro captures moments that punctuate the lives of these men and women, the Yaye Fall. These include ‘The Great Magal of Touba’, a pilgrimage commemorating founder Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba  exile in Gabon, and gives rise to a huge collective prayer on the beaches of Touba, and another occasion   ’The Gamou’ that celebrates the birth of the prophet. In these  photographs one can discover the principles governing the life of the Baye Fall community: their duty of offering as it relates to the practice of “Madial” and especially “jebellou” which is total submission to the marabout.






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