Euridice Kala : Will See You in December…Tomorrow (Até Dezembro… Amanhã)

Ansteys’ building studios, Johannesburg, South Africa
09 Sep 2015 - 05 Oct 2015

Euridice Kala : Will See You in December…Tomorrow (Até Dezembro… Amanhã)

Will See You in December, Installation view. Image courtesy of the artist. 2015

Will See You in December…Tomorrow (Até Dezembro… Amanhã) is a new installation by Johannesburg based artist Euridice Kala’s located within Mozambican national symbol.

The Ansteys’ building studios in Johannesburg will host its first display by showing selective works by artist and visual researcher Euridice Kala on 9 September, on show until 5 October. Will See You in December…Tomorrow (Até Dezembro… Amanhã) includes texts on memories of migration, drawings, sculptures, and multimedia. Born in 1987, Maputo, Euridice Kala moved to South Africa in 2006 where she has been residing even since. As a graduate from the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg she uses photography as a point of departure for the work that she creates.

Will See You in December…Tomorrow (Até Dezembro… Amanhã) is a project in conversation with Mozambican artist/photographer Mauro Pinto (MZ) that will culminate in commissioned work by photographer Masimba Sasa (ZM). This process of collaborations expands to the motifs that the Kala used to reflect on the movement between two cities namely: Maputo and Johannesburg. She uses local fabric (capulana) to create a narrative that had its point of departure observations of what women carried with as they moved across the borders.

The capulana becomes also a space through her research of intervention and further collaborations. Where, the artist includes local and personal narratives into the fabric and questions it’s appropriation into the socio-cultural fiber of Mozambican society. The artist mentions that:

“The capulana becomes a point of departure to open up these questions of appropriation and national representations through symbols that were imported and then adopted into Mozambican societies. The fact that this object originates in India and Indonesia and later produced in China and the Netherlands, presents to me a “greater connection” to these places, which run since the 17th century. An opportunity to continue to re-adapt the languages found in the fabric and bring other conversations to the surface”

In the past years, the artist has been working with the mediums of performance, video art, photography and installation. Where she questions representations from a female perspectives, socio-political issues such as marriage in Mozambican culture with the photographic work “Entre d’Lado” where she looks at her own white wedding dress and proposes a re-examination of the same and it’s adoption into the culture. The project is a continuous research venture.

The Ansteys building becomes an important context to engaging with space and people- as Mozambican vendors and service providers perform their activities in the vicinities of the building.

The artist has been awarded artistic residencies in Maputo, Johannesburg, Apt (France) and Douala (Cameroon). And has been part of group exhibitions at Stevenson in Johannesburg, Johannesburg Library, Fortaleza in Maputo, Apt France, Switzerland, Amsterdam and other spaces.

This project is supported through the Ant Fund by Prohelvetia Johannesburg, the National Arts Museum in Mozambique, and the Ansteys’s building studios.



Euridice Kala is an artist and visual researcher who lives and works between Johannesburg and Maputo. The narratives in her work reflect this migratory language.

Mauro Pinto was born in 1974 in Maputo, Mozambique. Works and lives in Maputo. In the 1990’s Mauro Pinto graduates in photography from the Monitor International School and has an internship with photographer José Machado. Mauro studied under Ricardo Rangel in Maputo.Mauro ‘s photographs differ dramatically in technique and subject matter.Pinto is the winner of the 8th edition of the BesPhoto award in 2012.

Masimba Sasa’s life as a photographer has taken many turns, from working as a photojournalist, to working for a picture library. He even toyed with the idea of a photography company, which lasted for a year and a half. Presently he is trying to understand his role and voice in Photography and this project offers an opportunity into a world he usually associates with his past


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