Call for applications

End Street Studios Incubator Programme

August House, Johannesburg, South Africa
Deadline: 31 May 2020

End Street Studios Incubator Programme

The End Street Studios Artist Incubator is a mixed-use space that allows artists who are new to the concept of the studio and being a full-time practicing artist to kickstart their career.

The space provides affordable studio space, opportunities to be part of an artist community and to build a network within the visual arts environment in Johannesburg. In addition to housing emerging artists, space caters for between 2-3 mid-career artists. This allows for cross-pollination and learning, both intergenerationally and within one’s career.

End Street Studios consists of 7 studio spaces, ranging in size, located on the 2 nd floor of August House. Emerging artists within the space are granted a two-year window in which they are able to stay in the space. This ensures that sufficient support is provided and drives a deadline thinking approach to build one’s career. As a collective, the incubator will host a number of events and activities that focus on the artists in the incubator. This includes one exhibition annually of work from the artists in the incubator as well as one Collector’s dinner. Artists are invited to learn and grow through the ongoing FACTURE SESSIONS, held at August House weekly.

End Street Studio is looking for three new tenants to join the Incubator. There are currently three spaces available:

  • Studio 1, 16m 2 – R2279
  • Studio 3, 31m 2 – R3720
  • Studio 6, 28m 2 – R3220

Rentals include an underground parking space, cleaning, electricity and water. There is a shared kitchen facility on the floor.



In order to apply to be part of the End Street Studios Incubator, please email the following to

  • Your CV
  • Your Portfolio
  • A cover letter explaining why you want to join the studio space

Please note that preference will be given to women.


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