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Encounter about archives with the artists Mohssin Harraki and Badr El-Hammami

L' appartement 22, Rabat, Morocco
24 Sep 2014

Encounter about archives with the artists Mohssin Harraki and Badr El-Hammami

L'appartement22 documentation space. Courtesy of L'appartement22

L’appartement 22 space for art is founded by Abdellah Karroum in Rabat in 2002, following a series of encounters, expeditions, and art productions curated over the last few years by the Curatorial Delegation (CD). L’appartement 22 organizes encounters with professionals and scholars, as well as exhibitions, residencies, and artistic interventions. It is a space for debates that interrogate art’s histories as well as the social, political, and cultural context of its emergence.

During 2014, L’appartement 22 proposes a series of encounters to interrogate the archive and artistic practice in connection with its documentation space and archives. These encounters will address producing, collecting, and preserving documents, questions concerning their accessibility and institutions, and the ways in which archives play a role in contemporary artistic practice and the historical construction of an archival practice within the particular context of Morocco.


The next encounter with Mohssin Harraki and Badr El-Hammami will take place on 24 September  6 – 8 p.m

Mohssin Harraki talks about the origin of his work on family trees related to an historical documentation and an archive on the guides and schoolbooks. Badr El Hammami returns to the origin of his projects Mémoire 2 and Thabrate, after an oral and personal archive.

Registration is required: or phone 00 212 (0)6 25 93 92 58


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