Emeka Ogboh: Ojuelegba

Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford, United States
26 Jan 2024 - 08 Mar 2024

Emeka Ogboh, Ojuelegba, 2023. © Emeka Ogboh.

Emeka Ogboh, Ojuelegba, 2023. © Emeka Ogboh.

Ojuelegba is a new multisensory installation from renowned Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh. Inspired by the district Ojuelegba in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, Ogboh’s installation envisions an immersive experience where sight and sound entwine.

Visual elements drawn from random selections of Ojuelegba’s environment synchronize with the rhythmic cadences of Ogboh’s album 6°30′33.372″N 3°22′0.66″E, an auditory portrait woven from the fabric of daily life in the district. The result is an ever-changing and dynamic installation wherein each interaction is a unique experience, resonating with the ever-evolving nature of Ojuelegba itself.

Emeka Ogboh’s art practice is deeply rooted in engaging with places through a multisensory approach, encompassing sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. His installations and culinary projects are collages of sensory elements, aimed at exploring the translation, transformation, and encoding of private, public, and collective memories and histories into diverse sensorial experiences. Ogboh’s work delves into the realm of sensory perception, capturing our connection to the world, shaping our understanding of reality, and providing a platform to address critical issues such as migration, globalization, and post-colonialism. Recently, he has ventured into the world of music, debuting with the album Beyond the Yellow Haze on the Ostgut Ton sublabel A-TON in 2021. He continued this musical journey with his second album, 6°30′33.372″N 3°22′0.66″E,  released under his self-founded label, Danfotronics in 2022.




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