Elsadig Janka: Ahmed My Beloved

Borderlands Art, Online
12 Feb 2024 - 12 May 2024

Elsadig Janka, Al Hadra 8, 2023.

Elsadig Janka, Al Hadra 8, 2023.

Fusing creativity and spirituality, Borderlands Art presents Ahmed My Beloved , an immersive virtual exhibition by visual artist Elsadig Janka. This transformative journey, rooted in the Sufi tradition of Hadra rituals, invites audiences to explore the dynamic aesthetics of collective spiritual practice. He invites the viewer into a practice of ritual that is compromised by the ongoing civil war in Sudan. The series is thus a way for displaced viewers to experience ritual and an archive of practice that has been violently disrupted..

Curated by Dr Kara Blackmore and Dr Helga Rainer, the exhibition navigates the nomadic narrative of Elsadig. The photographic artworks amplify an interconnectedness between location, body, and materiality. It goes beyond objectification of ritual, creating an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries. The virtual format uses a circular display mirrors ceremonial invocations, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the contextual aesthetics of Al Hadra. Elsadig’s distinguished background in multimedia studies and global artistic exploration enriches Ahmed My Beloved, transforming it into a bridge of understanding for a global audience.

This virtual exhibition links to broader moves by African art galleries to make socially engaged practices more accessible, reaching global audiences while aesthetically contextualizing the photo series.

Ahmed My Beloved is more than an exhibition; it is a spiritual odyssey. Experience the contextual aesthetics of Al Hadra, where Elsadig Janka’s lens navigates the landscapes of perpetual motion.Dedicated to Ahmed, a cherished friend, the exhibition pays homage to his spirit resting with the ancestors and returning to the Hadra.




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