ECHOES: DiARTgonale Special Edition #2

SMBA / Wiels / Enough Room for Space HQ / Savvy Contemporary
12 Feb 2014 - 21 Feb 2014

Hosted by the Cameroonian artist magazine DiARTgonale, the two special editions JAMAN (2012) and ECHOES (2013) present the outcome of a long-term curatorial endeavour, initiated in 2009, for which Cameroonian and European artists collaboratively produce new, research-based artworks. The upcoming launches continue a series started in Cameroon during the triennale Salon Urbain de Douala 2013.

Editors: Marjolijn Dijkman and Annette Schemmel
Assistant Editors: Amélie Bouvier and Bathilde Maestracci
Contributors: Anschaire Aveved, Stefaan Dheedene, Marjolijn Dijkman, Beate Engl, Nicolas & Rose Eyidi, Em’kal Eyongakpa, Meschac Gaba, Justine Gaga, Andrew Gilbert, Matthias de Groof, Christian Hanussek, Nav Haq, Paul Hendrikse, Dunja Herzog, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (DE, 1880–1938), Achilleka Komguen, Koyo Kouoh, Salifou Lindou, Lionel Manga, Vincent Meessen, Michaela Oberhofer, Joachim Oelsner-Adam, Nyemb Popoli, Louis-Marie Pouka-M’Bague (CM, 1910–1992), Garba Tanko, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Didier Schaub, Annette Schemmel, Bisi Silva, Patrick Wokmeni, Hervé Yamguen, Maarten Vanden Eynde
Support: Arts Collaboratory

Launches and events relating to 
ECHOES: DiARTgonale Special Edition #2  

12 February, 19.30h
ECHOES: Launch with presentations and a discussion
Rozenstraat 59

Speakers: Pauline Burmann, Lucy Cotter (moderator),  Bassam El Baroni and Annette Schemmel

In a context like Cameroon, access to relevant archives, books and education is not a given. On the basis of her PhD project at Freie Universität Berlin, Annette Schemmel will lead her talk to the following questions: how to engage in projects of artistic research together that touch, for instance, upon our shared history? Should we extend the notion of archive to bodies of knowledge that lay far beyond the reach of traditional archival premises? Are we ready to relate to this peculiar knowledge from the universalist point of view of contemporary art?

The Alexandria-based curator Bassam El Baroni will contribute a brief sketch of his theory of contemporary art to this reflection, while Pauline Burmann (Amsterdam) will share her experiences from teaching the history of contemporary African art in various African countries. Lucy Cotter, a curator and writer specialized on the discourses on Artistic Research, Globalisation and the Postcolonial, will moderate the discussion and the Q&A.


13 February, 19h
ECHOES: Launch and lecture
Avenue Volxem 354 Volxemlaan

Lecture: “Sharing Knowledge, a Perspective on Contemporary Art Made in Cameroon”
By means of selected art works, Annette Schemmel will sketch out the complex network of references on which the informally taught artists in Cameroon rely.

13 February, 20:30–24h

Enough Room for Space HQ

Sterstraat 10 Rue de l’Etoile

Works by  Jean Pierre Bekolo, LucFosther Diop, Beate Engl & Justine Gaga, Salifou Lindou, Maarten Vanden Eynde & Alioum Moussa, Patrick Wokmeni
Curated by  Marjolijn Dijkman and Annette Schemmel

Partly produced by Enough Room for Space, some of the works on display feature in the two special editions of DiARTgonale. They reflect political issues that mark everyday life in Cameroon and artists’ experiences upon leaving this country. Although explicitness calls for trouble back home, these artworks deal with urgent concerns.

21 February, 19h

ECHOES: Launch, presentations and discussion
Mutant Matters at Savvy Contemporary
Richardstraße 20

Speakers:  Lorenzo Sandoval, Luis Berrios-Negron, the editors of DiARTgonale Special Editions and further contributors to be announced

Set amidst the particular archive device designed by Lorenzo Sandoval and S.T.I.F.F. as second part of their project “Mutant Matters” at Savvy Contemporary, this evening will raise questions with regard to the accessibility of knowledge resources and public archives for contemporary artists working outside of Europe.

Enough Room for Space (ERforS) is a non-profit organization that initiates and coordinates residencies, research projects and exhibitions worldwide.


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