EARTH : ” The beauty ”

PKF, Lusaka, Zambia
01 Jun 2018 - 30 Jun 2018

By Lawrence Chikwa

By Lawrence Chikwa

PKF Zambia Chartered Accountants invites to a exhibition of mixed media art works and photographs by Lawrence Chikwa and Kwabena Ofori-Darkwa.

The sense of beauty is a very most important sense that human beings can not live without it manifest in the very early human experience. For instance, the atraction to flowers, ligth, water, the ground ( soil ), when the child is placed on the ground, the contact with the gound or soil is a discovery, they clap on it, scrach it, enven tast it. This experience and contact will continue in over all of life, for human do depend totaly on earth or soil to survive no matter which geographic part they live on because it generate many human needs.

What contain a land in form of natural resources and wonders are considered to be the most important wealth of the people who live on it, the exploitation of the resources and the production of cultural goods is what result in the development of a society.

Each community, society or nation to boast of who they are they must have a land, without it a nation even a culture can not be spoken of. The pride of land that every society claim is evident of how dependent humans are on land, culture in the sence of ways of doing or makings and that of cultivating is still translated in the owonership of land, earth or soil that has and can be a source of terible conflicts due to the non equitable share. Here it is also very important to note that a land without water is not wealth it, for even when it rains, watter still fall on lands or soil and when there are no rains, watter crises can be worse, georaphical conditions and difference define weather conditions in turn weather or climaties happen to inspire cultures it is the reason whay in some culture the rains are celebrated due to the fact that WATTER is related to LIFE and the diversity of what lands offers give more space to cultural celebrations that accompany human life, the cultural celebrations are manifestations of human presence on EARTH and are found in many societies. Heritages and wonders of a given country becomes attractions as both practices and packaged cultural comodities that are imported and exported because of their uniqueness and the myths attached to them.

The presence of natural woders and world heritage sites shows the importance of land, not only humans animals and plants benefits from earth in terms of the physical needs but also in their interctions, meaning the aesthetics and beauty that the VISIBLE EARTH offer has a multitude layers of beauties that are shared among all lving beings, be it on the dry lands, seas, rivers, lacs. the earth offr so many beautiful places that are visited on different ereas of its limits every human being sees the world differenty, as much as artists see it differenty in expressing themselves they do share their view of their worlds.

” My experience with art is both professional and commitment for life which has come a long way and understanding that an ARTIST has a mission in society : that of providing transcendent beauty and aesthetics and also give SENSE and ESSENCE with artistic means to society ” therefor EARTH: “the Beauty” is a is a visual artistic stetment that is been developed to remind societies that there is only one hearth that we all share, it need all our protection in order to continue enjoying what i provides us with wherever we live on it without geographical bondaries.

Text by Lawrence Chikwa.


30G Sable Road
Kabulonga, Lusaka




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