Dominique White: Commission Series

DEO Projects, Chios Island, Greece
09 Jul 2022 - 20 Aug 2022

The Failing Executioner (2021) Dominique White © Vegard Kleven, Courtesy VEDA, UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund / Young Artists’ Society) and the artist

The Failing Executioner (2021) Dominique White © Vegard Kleven, Courtesy VEDA, UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund / Young Artists’ Society) and the artist

DEO Projects presents the 2022 programme which is dedicated to the transnational nautical histories, the unknown oceanic landscape and the sea-linked commerce. Departing from the rich maritime culture and heritage of Chios, DEO inaugurates an on-going research around nautical life and our relationship with the sea. Greek and international artists are invited to engage with the island’s histories, bring their own perspectives and experiences, and develop new bodies of work. These will be explored and presented through two major programmes: the 2nd edition of Commission Series and the inaugural edition of Assemblies.

The programme, consisting of exhibitions, live events, interventions in the public sphere, local maritime collections, and educational activities will be presented across the island in various locations, from early July till the end of August 2022. Opening weekend: 8-10 July 2022

For the second cycle of the Commission Series programme, DEO projects invites the Marseille-based artist Dominique White to research on, develop, and exhibit a new body of work. The artist will stay on Chios for a 2-month period to explore and interpret the island’s maritime histories marking the artist’s first presentation in Greece.

Dominique White (GB) weaves together the theories of Black Subjectivity, Afro-pessimism and Hydrarchy (from below) with the nautical myths of Black diaspora into a term she defines as the Shipwreck(ed); a reflexive verb and state of being. White’s sculptures, or beacons, prophesy the emergence of the Stateless; “a [Black] future that hasn’t yet happened, but must.” (Campt 2017 in Yussof 2018).

Core to the Commission Series ethos is also to invite a visionary patron and together with the DEO Projects team, to design a bespoke experience for the invited artist in Chios. US-based Art collector couple Tonya and Ato Wright, whose collection is focused on the African diaspora, have been invited by DEO Projects as the guest patrons for the 2022 Commission Series. Since January, they have been sharing and exchanging their views in contemporary art with Curatorial Assistant Ricko Leung and Dominique White via online encounters. Together they are dedicated to exploring new ways of art making and strategically bringing Dominique White’s practice and the nautical histories of Chios to a great audience.

Commission Series x Dominique White
Residency period of Dominique White | May- July 2022
Exhibition Venue | Old horse stables of Choremi, Kontogianni 20 str, town of Chios
Exhibition dates | 9 July – 20 August
Free admission


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