Call for applications


Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival , Johannesburg, South Africa
Deadline: 23 August 2021


DIGITAL SUPERPOWER! LAB for Creatives in Johannesburg, Bulawayo & London

One of two exciting pre-festival FAK’UGESI LABS 2021. Join artist and creative technologist Ling Tan from Umbrellium (UK) in this supported laboratory focused on citizen empowerment & gender safety in urban environments.


  • Aims to empower womxn and the LGBQT community (often most vulnerable in the inner city and Southern African communities) to express their relationship with the city and their environment.
  • Is citizen empowerment through data and creative visualization!
  • Is training young women and the LGBQT creative community on digital technology!
  • Is empowering communities in co-curated data and visualizations to change their worlds!

If you are 18 to 24 and interested in interpreting mapped data in your own artistic medium (graphic design, data visualisation, performance based, photography, storytelling, poetry) this is for you!

DIGITAL SUPERPOWER! LAB is In partnership with British Council Arts in the Digital Collaboration Fund #DigitalCollaborationFund. In collaboration with Youth for Innovation Trust (ZW) and Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival (SA)

What is the lab about and what can you expect:

  • Participants will use a custom gesture based data collection technology developed by Ling to explore and collect data surrounding their own and their communities experiences of gender safety in the urban centres of London, Bulawayo and Johannesburg.
  • Participants will work online to compare and explore their findings across 3 cities.
  • Participants will be guided in ways to map, visualise and narrativise their individual and collective data and findings in their own artistic medium (e.g graphic design, data visualisation, performance , photography, storytelling, poetry, etc).
  • Participants will receive a participation fee of £133 and funds to cover data for online engagements.


  • We want to work with young creatives to make sense of important issues in their communities through exploring the use of citizen data collection as a tool. To empower them to speak up and to advocate for change in their countries.


  • Open Call Deadlines: Monday, 23 August 2021
  • SUPERPOWER! Virtual Laboratory: Week of the 6th Sept. (exact dates and times to be confirmed with selected participants)
  • Remote data collection & outreach: Following the workshop and towards artwork production.
  • Production of Artworks / Creative Data Visualisations: 20 Sept – 10 Oct.
  • Fak’ugesi Festival Presentation: 14 to 24 October 2021


Apply here.


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