David Hammons is on our mind

CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco, CA, United States
09 Sep 2016 - 24 Jun 2017

David Hammons is on our mind

A year-long series of public events, commissioned essays, and reading group meetings.

Introduction by Anthony Huberman

Spirits arent something you see or even understand. Thats just not how they work. They are too abstract, too invisible, and move too quickly. They dont live anywhere, but only run by and pass through, and no matter how old they are, they are always light years ahead. They do what they want, whenever they want. And under specific circumstances, at specific times, in specific places, to specific people, for specific reasons, they make their presence known.

In the Congo Basin in Central Africa, they are called minkisi. They are the hiding place for peoples souls.

David Hammons (b. 1943) is a spirit catcher. He walks the streets the way an improviser searches for notes, looking for those places and objects where dormant spirits go to hide, and empowers them again. He knows about the streetlamps and the mailboxes where the winos hide their bottles in shame. Hammons calls it tragic magicthe art of converting pain into poetry.

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