DAK’ART 2018

Biennale of Dakar, Dakar, Senegal
03 May 2018 - 02 Jun 2018

DAK’ART 2018

The Biennale of Contemporary African Art, DAK’ART will be held from May 3 to June 2, 2018 in Dakar.

After ” The city in the blue day ” which refers to a poem by Léopold Sédar Senghor, the theme of the Biennale in 2018 bears the seal of another father of Negritude, Aimé Césaire who is borrowed expression “The hour is Red.” Extracted from his play “And the dogs were silent.” “The time Red” speak of emancipation, freedom and responsibility.

To ensure consistency in the line of the Biennale, the Artistic Director of the edition 2016 was renewed for 2018: Simon Njami. This is to anticipate the organization of the Biennale to further streamline, in the long term, its procedures.

Alongside Simon Njami, the Dak’Art has invited Marisol RodriguezMarianne Hultman, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung , Alya Sebti and Cosmin Costinas as guest curators. Each of them will curate a collective show with 3-5 selected artists.

Furthermore the international exhibition titled ” A New Humanity ” has, this year, seventy-five artists from thirty-three countries of the world, the 2018 edition will renew the invitation of five international commissioners. Encounters and Exchanges will focus on: ” African art and contemporary transformations of the intellectual and normative frameworks .”

The Biennale dedicated to each edition ” Grand Léopold Sédar Senghor Price ” which is a reference distinction in the field of visual arts.

The Dakar Biennial eventually establish itself as the go most of the contemporary African art and beyond. The 2018 edition will consolidate the gains of the previous editions, especially on matters affecting the territorial network, the public / private partnership, communication and animation.

This thirteenth edition will include a major innovation with the opening of Senegal Pavilion will offer a choice for any host country artists showcase. This flag under the supervision of the administrator and artist major plastic Viyé Diba conduct a careful selection of what Senegal full of plastic creative potential.

To give this popular and festive dimension to the event, and foster ownership by the populations, including children, young people and women, it will be installed in each municipality of Dakar a “Barak” in which residents will be invited to show they define themselves as art.

Within the international exhibition and several other official sites, an awakening to art space will be created for children to introduce them to contemporary art of the continent.

Rwanda and Tunisia will be in honor of the Thirteenth edition for a demonstration of their contemporary artistic creativity.

The Biennale of Dakar is also environmental events “Off” that capitalize an average of two hundred fifty projects.




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