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Curatorial Expediency & Algorithmic Organization of Exhibitions

The New Centre for Research & Practice, Seattle, WA, United States
Deadline: 07 April 2019

A Becoming Resemblance, Installation View ©Heather Dewey-Hagborg & Chelsea Manning Courtesy The New Centre for Research & Practice

A Becoming Resemblance, Installation View ©Heather Dewey-Hagborg & Chelsea Manning Courtesy The New Centre for Research & Practice

This Seminar will focus on the influence of algorithms on the practice of curating as much as on the programmatic essence of curatorial practice in the historical perspective. The automation of curatorial practice might accelerate the reformation of the art world or go even further and realize the emancipatory dream of building a brand new world of art on the ruins of the old.

By introducing the methodologies of a range of practicing guest curators, this seminar will focus on how the emergence of automated and algorithmic curation, like any new paradigm in meditation and communication, can provide opportunities for reforming the art world and injecting egalitarianism in the system. Moderated by Mohammad Salemy & Patrick Schabus, this seminar is lead by curators who have made a contribution to the field in the last five years.

April 7: Mohammad Salemy & Patrick Schabus

April 14: Marina Fokidis

April 21: Adnan Misal Yıldız

April 28: Raqs Media Collective (Monica Narula and Jeebesh Bagchi)

May 5: Charles Esche

May 19: Clementine Deliss

May 26: Serubiri Moses

June 2: Bassam El Baroni

The New Centre for Research & Practice is an international, non-profit, higher education institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences, offering graduate & professional-development level certificate programs, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, residencies, and conferences in Art & Curatorial Practice, Critical Philosophy, Media & Technology, Social & Political Thought, and Transdisciplinary Research & Practice. The New Centre is conceived upon the idea that the space of knowledge is a laboratory for navigating the links between thought and action. The New Centre’s aim is a constructivist one, to assemble an environment, both virtual and actual, that inspires members to invent alternate understandings that can be put into collective practice. All the seminars, roundtables, and symposia are conducted online via Google+ Hangouts, enabling participants – from instructors, to interlocutors, to enrollees – to engage from anywhere in the world.

For further information see Seminar description and applications guidelines 

Participation fee: $450 USD


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