Crossing the Boundaries of Doubt – Fragmentary narrative from the Global South and North

01 Jun 2014

Crossing the Boundaries of Doubt – Fragmentary narrative from the Global South and North

A fragmentary narrative in nine chapters

Wata Culture / Water No Get Enemy – Rituals of Violence – Poubelle de l’Histoire / Trash of History – Objects of Cohabitation – Passer la Frontiere des Doutes / Crossing Boundaries of Doubt – Conversation with Masks -Mort de Luxe – Nouvelles Langues / New Languages – Dancefloor of the New World / Dancefloor to Come

The art project will be going online on June 1, 2014 and will be celebrated at 7 p.m. on air with a sound collage at the free artist-run radio station reboot in Berlin. Join us on air to celebrate! Swich in at

CROSSING BOUNDARIES OF DOUBT is a fragmentary narrative in nine chapters, in which authors from the Global South and North foster a space of agency through their contributions and collaborative exchange and exploration. This space of “narrative” can be used as an extra-institutional platform.

The artists probe their relations with one another through music, texts, poems, and images. They poetically and critically reflect on the past and the present of their societies along with the intertwining of these societies, on their own everyday life realities and the necessity of change, self-organization, and self-determination. It is a collection and a narrative as artistic space where the question of communality is negotiated.

The artistic undertaking was initiated in 2013 by the artist Astrid S. Klein, who also coordinates the project. It is immersed in an open process as a transnational and transcontinental dialogue between Cameroonian and German participants. As a “work in progress,” the project is presented in various formats above and beyond the website through cooperation with the project partners and other international artists.

A project by Astrid S. Klein in collaboration with: Susanne Weiß/Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany, Em’kal Eyongakpa /Artspace Khaliland, Cameroon and SadraK/Collective Hip-Hop Développé, Douala, Cameroon.

With contributions by: Lady B, Vincent Ndoumbé D, Em’kal Eyongakpa, Justine Gaga, Simone Gilges, Peter Haury, Felix Kama, Astrid S. Klein, Elsa M’bala, François-Stéphane Alima Mbarga, Stone Karim Mohamad, Franklin Aleba Mokala, Serge Ngouffo, Platino, SadraK, Yam, Hervé Yamguen and AdanGo Zulu




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