Constellation – Group Show

Gallery Sala Simba, Olhão, Portugal
18 Aug 2023 - 30 Sep 2023

Tristani Mundu, Hinu Digra, 2022 installation view at MAAT Lisboa

Tristani Mundu, Hinu Digra, 2022 installation view at MAAT Lisboa

Constellation curated by artist Jermay Michael Gabriel and art adviser Ekua Yankah will be shown at Gallery Sala Simba in the seaside town of Olhão (Algarve) from 18 August until 30 September 2023. The opening will take place on Thursday 17 August from 18:30 to 23:00. Artists: Theo Gould (UK/KE), Sophie Kabaka (RW/FR), Tristany Mundu (AO/PT), Rafaela A Neto (AO/PT), Tobi Onabolu (NG/BJ/UK), Jessica Sarkodie (GH)

Constellation is the second art exhibition at Gallery Sala Simba since its opening in September 2022. The group exhibition Constellation is presented as a bold and innovative artistic display, exploiting the emerging concept of interconnectedness as a key tool for amalgamating a variety of artistic manifestations. Each artist is presented as an autonomous entity, contributing to a unique ecosystem of creative expression. However, it is in the emergence of an inherent connectivity between these different ecosystems sharing a common space that lies the power of this approach. This cohabitation challenges predefined narratives and shared practices, developing instead through a natural process of interaction and exchange. This form of dialogue transcends geographic and cultural boundaries, and the act of bringing these different art forms together becomes a tangible example of the
potential of heterogeneity in fostering mutual understanding. The analogy with astral constellations emerges powerfully and clearly. The exhibition takes on the appearance of a laboratory of connection, in which divergent artistic works merge into an intricate conceptual fabric.

The exhibition challenges viewers to go beyond the superficial aesthetic dimension, inviting them to thoroughly examine the unexpected interactions between the works. In this way, the very act of contemplation is transformed into active involvement. This exhibition sets before the audience a stimulating challenge, inviting them to go beyond convention and embrace the unexpected. The works, similar to celestial constellations, find harmony in belonging to a larger whole. The variety of perspectives and the interweaving of different artistic practices reflect the potential of coexistence and existence.




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