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Conference and Roundtable with Yvette Mutumba

Goethe Institute and Le Cube – independent art room , Rabat, Morocco
28 May 2019 - 29 May 2019

Yvette Mutumba

Yvette Mutumba

During a conference at the Goethe-Institut of Rabat, that takes place in the framework of the project Travelling NarrativesYvette Mutumba talks about her practices which are witness of her attachment to promoting the plurality of contemporary creation.

Through a selection of her recent projects, she presents her approach and her methods that aim at transferring and diffusing, in an accessible way, complex and marginalized stories and debates. This event is also the opportunity to contemplate the manner in which Yvette Mutumba makes parallel narratives emerge within a hegemonic cultural discourse. She will elaborate on this topic the following morning, in a roundtable, taking place at Le Cube -independent art room.

Yvette Mutumba (Berlin) is an art historian, curator and journalist specialized in contemporary arts (Contemporary And, ifa).


As a follow up to her conference at the Goethe-Institut in Rabat, a roundtable at Le Cube – independent art room aims to explore some strategies developed by the curator to make parallel narratives emerge within a hegemonic cultural discourse.
This event is an opportunity to create an interaction between Yvette Mutumba and the public, as well as to collectively reflect on new research and exhibition methodologies in a Moroccan context.

This meeting is organized in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Marokko. Travelling Narratives is a regional program of art and research wishing to encourage interactions between cultural actors in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania and Libya. Through cycles of residencies, exhibitions, screenings, meetings, workshops and conferences, this project aims to cross and connect the micro-stories of North Africa in order to deploy endogenous stories of these territories and to imagine collectively new social and cultural utopias from these alternative narratives. Travelling Narratives is supported by AFAC – The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, the Goethe-Institut Marokko, the Institut Français du Maroc, the Jacques Berque Center and the Ministry of Culture and Communication of Morocco, and is produced in collaboration with Townhouse Gallery, مؤسسة ورق للفنون – WaraQ art foundation and the Cultural Space Diadie Tabara Camara.


Conference at Goethe Institute Rabat
28 May 2019 – 9 pm

Roundtable at Le Cube – independent art room 
29 May 2019 – 1pm


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