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Cityscapes Live

The Book Lounge, Cape Town, South Africa
10 Jul 2013

Photographer Jason Larkin talks about his new Johannesburg work with Sean O’Toole.

The subject of Johannesburg-based photographer Jason Larkin’s new book, After the Mines, is the vast industrial wasteland surrounding his adopted city, in particular the mine dumps that flank South Africa’s largest city. Made up of crushed rock from the gold extraction process, these artificial mountains are reminders of the vast capital and labour that was dedicated to hollowing out the earth beneath Johannesburg. Residual storehouses of wealth, many of these dumps have in recent years been re-mined, the land they once occupied sold off. Larkin, whose work has appeared in various international publications, will discuss his interest in these ephemeral markers of place with Sean O’Toole, co-editor of Citsyscapes and a regular contributor to C&.


Wednesday, July 10th 2013 at 5:30 PM


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