Chief Editor / Producer (50–70%, on a mandate basis)

Pro Helvetia, Zürich, Switzerland
Deadline: 15 August 2020

Chief Editor / Producer (50–70%, on a mandate basis)

The promotion and dissemination of arts and culture face major challenges and possible transformation throughout the world. The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is therefore launching a blog, which is to succeed the magazine “Passages”. It will deal with topical issues regarding contemporary arts production in a global context and provide internationally active cultural practitioners with information and inspiring ideas. For this challenging activity, we are seeking a proactive Chief Editor / Producer (50–70%, on a mandate basis).

Who you are:
•You are used to taking the initiative, are familiar with cultural content, have a strong ability to get things done and enjoy working in a networked environment.

•You are keen to build up and provide content for a blog independently with the backup of a professional network, with tasks ranging from editing to production, distribution and analysis.

•In your journalistic activities to date, you have dealt intensively with topics regarding contemporary international arts production and its social and political role and impact. You want to help connect cultural practitioners in matters relating to their professional practice.

•You have a proven track record in international cultural exchange and would like to promote dialogue on its conditions and implications through your work.

•You are familiar with various international perspectives from your own experience and capable of reflecting such positions in an astute and appealing manner.

•You have a connection to Switzerland and to the contemporary Swiss cultural scene.

•You are able to publish in English, too, and are well versed in working with digital media.


What you bring along:

•You have solid, multi-year experience in online journalism and in the use of the most common forms of social media.

•You are a native English speaker or are capable of writing in English at a professional level. A good working knowledge of one of Switzerland’s official languages (German, French or Italian) is also required. Further languages would be an asset.

•You are familiar with interdisciplinary artistic issues.

•You are an accomplished writer and editor, and are competent in handling audiovisual content.  You are therefore aware of the rights and obligations of the journalistic trade.

•You are experienced in collaborating with external authors (text, audio, video, image) and in handling translations.

•Further skills: WordPress, SEO and SEM.


What you can expect:

•A challenging activity at the pulse of contemporary international artistic and cultural production with a lot of scope for craft and creativity.


The position is defined as a mandate for three years at most with an option on a one-time extension.  Your application should include a motivational letter, a CV and some relevant links or two to three samples of your work. Two or more persons may also apply collectively.


Contact and application via:

Please note: They will accept applications until they have enough, so 15 August is only an approximate date. The start of the blog is planned to be in autumn 2020.


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