Cedric Nunn: Unsettled

Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth, Germany
25 Mar 2016 - 15 May 2016

Cedric Nunn: Unsettled

Kirchenältester W. Pringle mit silbernen Mess-Utensilien, Tamboekiesvlei, Kat River Settlement von Cedric Nunn, 2014, Courtesy Galerie Seippel Köln © Cedric Nunn

‘Unsettled’ follows traces of the long history of the Eastern Cape and questions the power to interpret this history in a (post)colonial context.

With this exhibition the South African photographer Cedric Nunn talks about the resistance by Xhosa against the unauthorized appropriation of their land by European settlers and colonial powers which lasted 100 years. As visual chronicler he describes physical spaces as a form of a collective memory. His photographs present landscapes of remembrance which are formed by history and politics as well as human identities and loss and deprivation of rights, but also fighting spirit and hope. Nunn’s works point to past wounds that have not yet healed, because the right of land still is a contested theme in South Africa today.

The exhibition is being realized in cooperation with Gallery Seippel in Cologne and curated by Lena Naumann and Siegrun Salmanian. Both have completed their Master Studies at Iwalewahaus.



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