Catch a Fire – Group Show

Montague Contemporary, New York, United States
28 Jan 2021 - 18 Mar 2021

Delano Dunn, Far Back to Sanity (Detail), 2019.

Delano Dunn, Far Back to Sanity (Detail), 2019.

Montague Contemporary presents Catch a Fire, an exhibition of works by a diverse group of artists who each investigate and challenge the status quo, opening Thursday, January 28th (by appointment only). The exhibit features a diverse body of works from seven artists including Delano Dunn, Bouvy Enkobo, Shepherd Fairey, Thameur Mejri, Paul Onditi, Kate Simon, and Beatrice Wanjiku.

“Catch a Fire” adopts the lens of individual experience to understand the intersectionality of the agent of change within the collective. Oscillating from self-examination of our social identity to challenging prescribed and untenable norms, each work is a rallying cry to re-examine our collective experience.

Employing a diverse array of mediums and backgrounds, each work represents a convergence of individual and social tensions, where opposing identities and ideas clash and meld, prefiguring a collective path forward. The works themselves become veritable sites of transformation.

Ultimately, the exhibited works each attempt to cement the ephemeral, to both identify and make concrete that palpable and transitory feeling of developing individuality amidst the context of shared struggle, when passionate optimism and collective sense of purpose overcomes collective dread. Each artist interrogates these interstices, with their own proposition for a way forward.





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