Cas-co, Löwen, Belgium
Deadline: 26 June 2020


STUDIO is the possibility to rent an affordable artist’s studio (2 -12 months) or a long terme basis (1-2 yrs). The studios have day light, internet, central heating and electricity and you have access to the free use of the communal spaces and production facilities.

PODIUM is a big, basic theatre or creation space for artists working in the field of performance, theatre or the hybrid spaces between these disciplines. By providing the use of this space to promising artists, Cas-co and the cultural centre of Leuven 30CC support the work and development of professional (young) artists.

More details and information on the spaces:

For the submission of a motivated rental request for one of Cas-co’s STUDIO spaces or the temporary use of PODIUM, please send your CV, portfolio and motivation with full name and contact details to or post to :

Cas-co vzw,

t.a.v. Josine De Roover

Vaartstraat 94

3000 Leuven



Intended for professional visual / performative artist or starting graduated artist with ambitions for the further development of a professional artistic practice.


you can submit an interesting trajectory in the field of the visual / performative arts or the hybrid artistic practices between visual arts, architecture & design

Your application consists of the following elements:

a biography including an overview of past exhibitions, texts, and residencies (if applicable)

a representative portfolio of your visual work

*for video work

digital application: weblinks to online video
application by e-mail: USB or DVD (only containing video material)

Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration and will not be shown to the committee. Application files will not be returned to the artist. Applications can be submitted at any time; the selection procedure will take place periodically.



selection committee consisting of members of the contemporary art scene will evaluate the submitted applications. Based on the decision of the committee, selected artists will be granted a studio rental contract / free use of the podium space. The decision cannot be appealed, and unselected applicants will not be given feedback regarding the content of their application.



Selected artists can start STUDIO / PODIUM immediately or on the agreed date. The artist’s preferences and needs as stated in the application form will be taken into consideration as much as possible. However, Cas-co reserves the right to decide which studio and time period are most fitting for the selected artist. The selected candidate will be invited for a meeting to discuss practical matters & artistic project. During this meeting a contract will be signed.

For questions and more infromation contact Cas-co here.


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