CAP Prize 2023

Eiger Foundation
Deadline: 07 February 2023

Courtesy of of The Contemporary African Photography Prize

Courtesy of of The Contemporary African Photography Prize

The call for entries to the CAP Prize 2023 in partnership with the Eiger Foundation is open from 7 November 2022 until 7 February 2023. Prepare your work that engages with the African continent or its diaspora now and win a series of large scale outdoor exhibitions around the globe. A panel of international curators, publishers, editors and artists will review your work. 25 artists will be shortlisted and five short listed artists awarded with the CAP Prize 2023. The winners will be announced at Photo Basel International Art Fair in June 2023. It is free to enter.

The competition is open to everyone of all levels and of any age or descent and is completely FREE to enter.


  • Upload your images in jpeg format. Your images must be in sRGB format and 100% quality. The minimum size of your images should be 2,500 pixels on the longer side. Square images should be greater than 2,500 pixels on both sides. The file size of each image should not exceed 5 MB.
  • You are expected to submit coherent series of work. Single images are NOT permitted
  • Projects eligible for the CAP Prize must contain between 10 and 25 images.
  • You can enter as many projects as you like.
  • You can enter as part of an artist collective/group/duo.  Only one person will be allowed to register for the prize but all will be awarded with the prize. In order to name everyone correctly, please make sure to state that the respective entry is a collective entry and include all names in the project description.

How do you define African Photography?

In the context of the CAP Prize African photography is photography created on the African continent and photography engaging with a diaspora of an African country dating back not more than two generations.

There is no theme. Photographs must have been taken in an African country or deal with a diaspora of an African country. The emphasis of the competition is on image sequences. Images must work together as a whole. We are NOT looking for single images. Eligible are submissions comprising between 10 and 25 images.


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