Cameron Rowland: Amt 45 i

Museum MMK für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany
10 Feb 2023 - 15 Oct 2023

Cameron Rowland: Amt 45 i

Museum MMK für Moderne Kunst announces the next exhibition at TOWER MMK: Cameron Rowland: Amt 45 i.
The slaveholder camouflaged his dependence, his parasitism, by various ideological strategies. Paradoxically, he defined the slave as dependent. —Orlando Patterson, Slavery and Social Death

The slavery that Europe instituted is part of Europe. The value extracted from enslaved life has been retained, recirculated, and grown. This value is sustained within European states, institutions, corporations, and families. Museum MMK für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt city government department Amt 45 i, is one such institution. This value is an index of the racial dispossession that produced it. The continued presence of this value does not disclose, however, the limits on accumulation set by people who were enslaved. These limits were inscribed every day. They existed in excess of formal record and as an absence of value.

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