Call for papers: Africa e Mediterraneo n. 79 / 2013 – Women and migration

Africa e Mediterraneo, Sasso Marconi , Italy
13 Sep 2013 - 04 Oct 2013

Africa e Mediterraneo is seeking for papers that analyze ithe complexity of women in migration. The dossier aims to combine theoretical research, scientific data on the dynamics of migration and experiences on the field, to try to provide an overview as comprehensive as possible.

In Italy, migrant women were the 49.5% of total non-EU residents (Statistical Dossier Caritas /Migrantes, 2012) by 31.12.2011. At European level, migrant women accounted for 48.71% (Eurostat) of the total migration flux of 2011. These women are workers, students, professionals, who create relationships and negotiate their gender role between old and new identities.


Possible topics:
– Migration in the discussion on gender
– The history of women’s migration in Italy and/or in Europe
– Entrepreneurship and migrant women
– Trafficking of human beings for sexual exploitation
– Migration, gender, domestic violence and forced marriage
– Social innovation, migration and gender
– Children left behind
– Female domestic worker and the chain of care
– Women and migration
– Family reunions
– Forced migration and gender

Deadline for the submission of abstracts (max. 400 words): 4th of October

Deadline for the submission of articles: 1st of November

Abstracts and articles can be submitted in Italia, English, French and Spanish to the following address: m.bignami@africaemediterraneo.it.


Africa e Mediterraneo is an interdisciplinary six-monthly publishing since 1992 on economic, historical and cultural issues in the African context. In the 19 years of its existence, Africa e Mediterraneo has established itself as a field-defining cultural studies journal. Moving from an anthropologically-oriented editorial policy, but constantly referring to other subjects, Africa e Mediterraneo seeks a critical understanding of the global cultural flows and the cultural forms which define Africa in the late twentieth century.

Africa e Mediterraneo reports and reflects current research on the cultural transformations associated with cities, art, media and consumption, and the cultural migrations that draw cities and societies into larger trans-national relationships and global political economies.




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