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Call for applications : SoundImageCulture (SIC) 2016

SoundImageCulture, Brussels, Belgium
Deadline: 01 October 2015

Call for applications : SoundImageCulture (SIC) 2016

Courtesy SoundImageCulture.

SoundImageCulture, Brussels, is calling for applications for 2016. SoundImageCulture (SIC) coaches audiovisual art projects between anthropology and the visual arts. Every year, the various workshops in which professional artists and thinkers guide and advise the participants, result in some ten exciting film projects.

Candidates for SIC must submit their application by 1 October 2015. The SIC team will then review the applications and invite finalists for interview in November 2015. Each year SIC is open to a maximum of 15 participants. SIC is especially interested in project proposals in which artistic development goes together with antropological influences.


SIC is open to people with experience in the arts and anthroplogy. The selection is based on an audiovisual project proposal (film, video installation, sound creation, etc.) submitted by the candidate which contains the following paragraphs: What is the subject of your project and why do you want to make it? What’s the relation between the author and his or her subject/”other”? What is the type of interaction between author and subject and how can this relation be specified? Is there a viewer involved, prefigured, abstract or concrete? What is your formal approach? What is the relation between your subject and the form you choose?

Practical information

The modules and group sessions are in English.

Send your application to

The application should include: 

–Project proposal


–Portfolio (condensed and relevant for the proposal)

–Images through Youtube/Vimeo/others

Course fee: 1000 EUR

Find more information here

Projects submission : October 1st, 2015

Selection and interviews : November 2015

Workshops and seminars start in February 2016

Wim Viaene: T +32 0 484 07 94 26

Werfstraat 13
1000 Brussels


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