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C&: Complexifying the perspectives

PalaisPopulaire, Berlin, Germany
15 Jun 2023

A.Umuhire (Tenee Attoh), J.Jembere (Sebastian Bodirsky), J.Atkinson (Leonie Hugendubel)

A.Umuhire (Tenee Attoh), J.Jembere (Sebastian Bodirsky), J.Atkinson (Leonie Hugendubel)

Organized by Contemporary And (C&) on the occasion of the platform’s tenth anniversary, this panel discussion invites artists from Afro-German perspectives to talk about their own practice and positioning within the artistic field. In conversation are Janine Jembere, Amelia Umuhire and James Gregory Atkinson. Moderated by Julia Grosse (C&). Time: 7pm – 8pm

James Gregory Atkinson (*1981) is a Frankfurt based visual artist. With his multimedia work he reacts to the extreme incompleteness of official archives.
Janine Jembere (*1985 in Magdeburg, Germany) is a filmmaker and sound artist living in Vienna.
Amelia Umuhire (*1991) is a Rwandan-German film director, producer, and screenwriter.

The panel takes place in the context of the two-part exhibition The Struggle of Memory – Deutsche Bank Collection. Part one of this exhibition brings together artworks that explore, in different ways, how the body absorbs, processes, stores, and recalls experiences. Many of the artists exploit the gap between personal and official narratives, grappling with the precarity of memory and responding to histories of dislocation and loss. Working with fragments and traces, utilizing repetition and shadow play, stressing the importance of language in remembering and resisting, collapsing time, and encouraging us to employ all our senses to experience and remember, they explore the slippages between fact and fiction, imaginatively reconstructing connections to the past in the void left by history. The first part of the exhibition features works by Anawana Haloba, Berni Searle, Kara Walker, Samuel Fosso, Mohamed Camara, Lebohang Kganye, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Wangechi Mutu, and Mikhael Subotzky. Curated by Kerryn Greenberg, Independent Curator and Co-Director New Curators

The Struggle of Memory Part 1: April 19 – October 3, 2023
The Struggle of Memory Part 2: October 20, 2023 – March 11, 2024


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