Bogosi Sekhukhuni is the recipient of the 2014 [Working Title] Prize

05 Nov 2014

Bogosi Sekhukhuni is the recipient of the 2014 [Working Title] Prize

Bogosi Sekhukhuni. Consciousness Engine 2: absentblackfatherbot, 2014.   

The [Working Title] exhibitions are part of an initiative by the Goodman Gallery aimed at supporting young artists, curators, independent projects and major installations and performances.

The [Working Title] Prize is awarded every year to an artist who has participated on the [Working Title] exhibition. The award, valued at R100,000.00, is aimed at recognising and supporting young artists and assisting them in developing their work. The substantial prize is not confined to any one specific exhibition, and the artists may use the money awarded to further their careers in any way they deem fit. Bogosi Sekhukhuni works with drawing, installation and video, and is engaged in works which allow for an exploration of the role online forums and technology play in “reimagining our identity”.  His work has formed part of Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets’ co-curated project 89plus, and this year he participated in a residency at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris.


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