Biennale of Painting: THE TOUCH OF THE PAINTER

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens / Roger Raveelmuseum / Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek, Belgium
29 Jun 2014 - 12 Oct 2014

Biennale of Painting: THE TOUCH OF THE PAINTER

Roy Lichtenstein, Haystacks (detail), 1969, Private collection © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein, New-York

The Biennale of Painting is always a subjective research into a certain number of modus operandi adopted by painters during the last century. Every two years the museum selects a certain starting point to approach painting in an original manner. Previous themes were among other the ‘human image’ and ‘the sublime’.

For the first time the Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek participate in this exhibition next to the Raveelmuseum and the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens. This edition will be dedicated to the concept of ‘texture’ and the ‘materiality’ of the painting. The exhibition will explore the physical building stones and the sensory sensations that are the result of this way of painting.

With: Richard Aldrich – Martin Barré – Jerry Galle – Emias Kifleyesus – Roy Lichtenstein – Kjell Nupen – Robert Ryman – Niele Toroni – Philippe Vandenberg – Koen van den Broek – Jack Whitten – Henri-Victor Wolvens – Rik Wouters


Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Museumlaan 14, 9831 Deurle
More info: www.museumdd.be
Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am-6 pm (closed on Mondays)

Roger Raveelmuseum
Gildestraat 2-8, 9870 Machelen-Zulte
More info: www.rogerraveelmuseum.be
Open Tuesday-Sunday from 11 am- 5 pm (closed on Mondays)

Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek
L. Matthyslaan 3-5, 9800 Deinze
More info: www.museumdeinze.be
Open Tuesday-Sunday from 11 am-6 pm (closed on Mondays)


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