Art Fairs


Beirut, Lebanon
18 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014


Since its inception in 2010, BEIRUT ART FAIR established itself on the international artistic scene with the vision of a ME.NA.SA.-labeled art which shaped its identity and power of attraction. In tune with the centers of interest of international collectors, the fair displays the creation of this region which stretches from Morocco to Indonesia, in its wide diversity.

From 18 to 21 September 2014, organizers will receive at BIEL, 47 international modern and contemporary art and design galleries. Exhibiting artists represent all of the trends of current art and express themselves through painting, drawing, sculpture, video, design or performance… Confirmed and developing artists mingle and invite the viewer to share their visions of the world, their dreams or their positions.

Underlining its broad vision of art and of its current challenges, BEIRUT ART FAIR 2014 renews itself via new poles in line with the evolutions of the art market: a wing dedicated to Indian contemporary art, a design platform, with the support of BLC BANK, a studio of engravings, with the support of BankMed, which is an invitation to create in situ works, a corner dedicated to videos intitled «video projects»…

Following the success of the opening edition of BEIRUT ART WEEK in 2013, organizers suggested a new ‘outside the walls’ itinerary with the collaboration of Beirut Municipality and Solidere, with monumental works displayed on the streets and in the shops in downtown Beirut. From 17 to 24 September, BEIRUT ART WEEK#2 will make Beirut beat to the rhythm of contemporary art and will invite artists to express themselves freely in the urban landscape of the capital.

The 2014 edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR will reflect the wonderful dynamic inspired by Beirut, this unrivalled city which attracts avant-gardes, creates a ferment of ideas and of encounters and remains, irrespective of the geopolitical context, a forum open to the outside world, to the future and to all cultures.


38 galleries from Middle-East and Near-East
Agial Art Gallery (Lebanon), Al Mohtaraf (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), *ARTLAB (Lebanon), Art on 56th (Lebanon), L’Atelier 85 (Lebanon), *Barjis Design (Lebanon), *Bel Air Fine Art (Switzerland/France/UAE/Lebanon), Ramy Boutros (Lebanon), *Creations By W|F (Lebanon), Emmagoss Art Gallery (Lebanon), *ESPACES EPHEMERES (Lebanon), *Espace Jacques Ouaiss (Lebanon), *Gala Art Gallery (Armenia), Galerie Janine Rubeiz (Lebanon), Galerie Tanit (Lebanon), Gallery Ward (Egypt/UAE/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Mark Hachem Gallery (USA/France/ Lebanon), HAMAZKAYIN ‘LUCY TUTUNJIAN’ ART GALLERY (Lebanon), *JAMM (UAE), RIMA KHATIB DESIGNART (Lebanon), Samer Kozah Gallery (Syria), Lebanese Autism Society – LAS (Lebanon), *Mécanismes (Lebanon), *Minkara Sahar Interior Design Studio (Lebanon), *Nalbandian S.A.L (Lebanon), Noah’s Ark Art Gallery (Lebanon), Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery (Lebanon), OUNOVIS by baalcreations (Liba Lebanon n), Les Plumes Galerie Elsie Braidi (Lebanon), *SAWART (Egypt/ Lebanon), Smogallery (Lebanon), South Border Gallery (Lebanon), *Tosh Fesh (Lebanon), *Tosh Fesh 2 (Lebanon), twentytwentyone gallery (Lebanon), *The Urban Fusion (Lebanon), *V World SAL (Lebanon), *Salwa Zeidan Gallery (UAE).

4 from Europe
*Hania Farrell (UK), Galerie Bouillon d’Art (France), *Galerie Sophie Deschamps & Nathalie Gaillard (France), *Séquence Graphique (France)

3 from Asia
*Island6 (China), *Sana Gallery (Singapore), *Adler Subhashok Gallery (Thailand)

1 from USA
Jennifer Norback Fine Art (USA)

1 from South America
Laura Arce Art Gallery (Argentina)






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