Ballo: L’Origine

Showroom L'R, Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast (cote D`ivoire)
15 Oct 2021 - 15 Nov 2021

Bayo Hassan Bello, Installation View. Photo: Nuits Balneaires

Bayo Hassan Bello, Installation View. Photo: Nuits Balneaires

For more than twenty years, Ballo continues to investigate a theme which is at the core of his illustrious career as an artist, ecologist and therapist – the feminine form. As a painter and sculptor, Ballo explores this theme by working with strings, steel, adhesives, paints, discarded objects like cardboard boxes and plastic bottles.

Ballo believes the feminine form is the origin of all living things, of all beings, and of God. In the artist’s ongoing series L’Origine, God is feminine. And the effervescent sculptures and paintings in this series, evokes the origin of that ‘feminine form’ which allows all living things to flourish.

A fantastic selection of artworks from the series L’Origine by Ballo will be presented from October 15th – November 15th in Showroom L’R, a contemporary space in Grand-Bassam designed by the architect-designer Luc Ragot. Showroom L’R showcases mid-career to established artists and designers from the region. In this upcoming exhibition, Ballo invites us to contemplate on who we are and our actions like deforestation, pollution and over-exploitation, which harms the origin of all things – Mother Nature. The artist asks us to protect and love our Origin; like we will our mother, sister, wife or lover. Because when we love, we do not destroy.

L’Origine opens to the public on October 22nd. On the same day, a preview of works by artists Ballo and Monou will be shown in La Case Bleue in Quartier France, Grand-Bassam to promote the showroom’s current and upcoming exhibitions. Showroom L’R has a wonderful selection of objets d’art, antiques and books and is always open to art patrons, design aficionados and the public, but by appointment only.

Curated by: Bayo Hassan Bello

Contact showroomlr21@gmail.com to book a visit.


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