Assata’s Chant and Other Histories – Group Show

Roundhouse Bar & Café, London, United Kingdom
06 Nov 2022 - 05 Dec 2022

Assata’s Chant and Other Histories, 2022. Courtesy of Roundhouse Bar & Café

Assata’s Chant and Other Histories, 2022. Courtesy of Roundhouse Bar & Café

Assata’s Chant and Other Histories is an installation based on the audio series of the same name. Taking place at the iconic Roundhouse in London, the installation will look at themes covered in the series, using a variety of mediums. Featuring work from Ato Kidane Daniel Roberts, Elfreda Dali, Kieron Boothe and Zeny Rehman. Curated by Weyland McKenzie-Witter, the show puts focus on what the Black Liberation Movement endured fighting for equality. Emphasising the stories of those who are often overlooked but were vital to the operation. Both in the US and internationally.

Alongside the pieces will be QR codes with snippets of the audio series for viewers to listen to, helping them to understand the history on a deeper level. The first audio series of Assata’s Chant and Other Histories is 20 episodes assembled by Weyland McKenzie-Witter for the Nello production house. Born out of a conversation McKenzie-Witter had with Steve McQueen while he was working as a producer on the podcast companion to McQueen’s award-winning Film anthology Small Axe. An anthology fusing interview, readings, immersive storytelling, art and archive audio to tell the stories of Black Revolutionary Assata Shakur and her comrades in the Black Liberation Movement. Including Sundiata Acoli, The Panther 21, Fred Hampton, Mutulu Shakur and other members of the Black Panther Party. Illustrating and contextualising snapshots of their journey, namely the repression they faced as a result of J Edgar Hoover’s and the FBI’s illegal COINTELPRO program. The series features music from the likes of Lex Amor, AyChibs, Lowu, Yomi Bello, Samson and Weyland McKenzie – Witter. The art and audio from the series will be displayed in another exhibition in Oakland, California in 2023 at The F.A.M Oakland, a non-profit community art and music space.




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