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ifa Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Stuttgart, Germany
Deadline: 31 January 2019

Terra Mediterranea in Action, Photo: Walter Le Kon

Terra Mediterranea in Action, Photo: Walter Le Kon

The Artists’ Contact programme of ifa supports projects in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, design, photography and media art. The focus is on the exchange and substantive cooperation between German actors and cultural practitioners from transition and developing countries. It subsidizes working stays as well as working tours.

Application dates:

  • January 31, 2019 for projects starting from June 2019
  • August 15, 2019 for projects in the following year

Who can apply?
The ifa programme “Artists’ Contact” focuses on applicants in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, design, photography and media art

  • travelling from developing and emerging countries to Germany to conduct activities
  • travelling from Germany to developing and emerging countries to conduct activities

Requirements for funding through the programme:

  • High standards of artistic quality
  • The project may not be realized in a commercial context (example given not in a private gallery)
  • Co‐operation between German and foreign persons engaged in the cultural sector in terms of art and content is an important funding aspect
  • Considerable achievements in its own right by the institution concerned
  • Submitting an application implies acceptance of the funding principles and requirements laid down in the leaflet

What is funded?
The programme subsidizes costs for travel, residence and visa for performances, artist-in-residence programmes, workshops, working tours, international events such as symposia, conferences and lectures.

What to include in the application?

  • A completed digital application form that has also to be submitted printed out and signed via mail including the following documents (Please use for our digital application system Mozilla Firefox. If necessary please copy this link
  • CVs of all participants funding is applied for
  • Written invitation from the exhibition institution
  • Written information about the exhibition institution (example given financing)
  • Pictorial material (catalogues or photographs) of current and former artistic works (illustrative material on CD or DVD cannot be considered, only for projects where it is necessary example given performances and video work)
  • The flight costs must be specified based on current air fares and during settlement offers are occupied (if necessary conversion to Euros and translation in German or English)

Only entirely completed applications, submitted by mail before the stated deadline (confirmation via postmark), will be considered for the meeting of the committee. Applications which are submitted after the stated deadline can’t be considered. Applications can be submitted in German or English.


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