Artist Residency Program

Casa, Lethbridge, Canada
Deadline: 15 January 2023

2D Studio-Space at CASA.
Courtesy of Casa

2D Studio-Space at CASA. Courtesy of Casa

The residency program at Casa provides an opportunity for artists from across all disciplines to pursue their practice in a supportive, concentrated, community-based atmosphere. It is open to artists from all backgrounds, at any stage in their career, including recent high school graduates, emerging or established professionals. Mid-career and established artists are also encouraged to apply as they are able to provide space free of charge and will help to co-ordinate a number of public engagement opportunities.

Please seek funding for travel, lodging and per diems from granting agencies as necessary. Successful candidates may request letters of support for their grant applications.

While a resident artist at Casa you will have access to the following facilities, dependent on your media and area of interest:
• 2D Studio, including printmaking facilities for copper etching and relief
• 3D Studio, including woodworking, clay equipment including pottery wheels, glazing
equipment and kilns
• Textile Studio, including access to dry and dye space
• Dance Studio (limited space available and will be negotiated with successful candidates)
• Community Room, a multi-purpose rehearsal space

Casa is able to offer some technical support (up to four hours, area dependent), but artists expected to be mostly self-sufficient in the spaces they will be working in. Artists are responsible for supplying their own materials; clay can be purchased on-site.
Residencies range between a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of four weeks.

Casa will take images of works produced during the residency for program documentation and publicity purposes. The artist retains all copyright over their work.

Artists Responsibilities
As community engagement is an important part of this residence, applicants will choose from the following activities:
• Provide a public artist’s talk or workshopped performance
• Provide an open house or demonstration in your area of expertise
If you are at the beginning of your career and have no experience in these areas, Casa is looking forward to offering you the opportunity to develop these skills with our guidance and support. Artists will also have the chance to propose an Artist Partnership class/workshop in conjunction with their residency, which affords the opportunity to provide a unique or focused skill-share to a maximum of 12 participants.

Submission guidelines
Please submit the following:
• A completed application form
• Up-to-date CV with 500 word max bio
• 10 – 15 JPGs of recent or relevant visual work (maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels)
or other appropriate support material such as video (5 minute maximum) or text (Word compatible). Files should be formatted as 01.JaneSmith and images of visual work must be accompanied by an image list with the title, medium, dimensions and date for each corresponding image.
• A short (100 – 300 word) statement of interest and a description of the work to be carried out during the residency. The application should also describe why you wish to attend the residency and what particular perspective you will bring to the program.

Collaborative projects are also accepted with a maximum of two artists/application. Each participant must provide their own materials as outlined in the submission guidelines.

Application deadlines occur January 15 and June 15 of each year.
Submissions for the January 15 deadline will be programmed for a residency between June 15 and December 31.
Please submit your complete application package to:


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