artHARARE Africa First Art Prize 2021

artHARARE, Harare, Zimbabwe
Deadline: 30 September 2021

artHARARE Africa First Art Prize 2021

The artHARARE Africa First Art Prize aims to benefit emerging and mid career artists working in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean diaspora by increasing their profile and giving them international exposure. A collaboration between artHARARE and Africa First, the artHARARE African First Art Prize will celebrate the practice of a Zimbabwean emerging visual artist who has shown commitment to work as a professional artist.

Applications are open and artists will be invited to enter online, where a judging panel of world class art professionals will shortlist 20 finalists. The panel will then select one finalist to be awarded the award.

The Jury: Fadzai Muchemwa, Moffat Takadiwa, Marwan Zakhem, Serge Tiroche, Richard Mudariki.

Deadline: 30 September 2021


Terms and Conditions
All Entrants to the artHARARE Africa First  Art Prize run by  artHARARE and Africa First agree to be  bound by the following terms and conditions:

1.1 “Artwork” means a piece of art created by an artist, submitted to the Competition through  the online entry portal as instructed by Organisers.
1.2 “Entrant” means an artist who submits an Entry to the Competition.
1.3 “Entry” means a fully completed entry form and images of the Artwork, submitted through  the online entry portal as instructed by Organisers.

2.1The Prize Winner is the winning Entrant as selected by the Judging Panel. The Prize includes:
2.2.a Solo exhibition at Gallery 1957
2.2.b. And (covid-permitting) 1-2 months residency in Israel, which includes:
•$100 daily stipend
•Accommodation (including for a guest if requested in advance)
•Working materials
•Economy round trip flight (for the artist only)
•Africa First will select artworks produced during residency to cover costs
•On the ground support by Africa First team

3.1 The competition if open to visual artists from Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean diaspora. International artist who have connection with Zimbabwe – family, residency – are also welcome to apply. There is no entry fee.
3.2 Entrants must be practicing artists who have had at least one  exhibition at a  professional gallery in Zimbabwe or internationally. Details of their exhibitions should be clearly stated in the  artist’s CV.
3.3 There are no limits to age of Entrants.
3.4 Judging Panel will select 1 Entrants as  the Prize Winner.
3.5 The Organisers and the Judging Panel reserves the right to make a final decision to  accept any Entry for this Competition.
3.6 The decision of the Organisers and the Judging Panel on any and all matters relating to  the Competition will be final and binding. Neither the Organisers nor members of the  Judging Panel shall be obliged or bound to enter into any communications whatsoever  regarding such decisions.
3.7 Artwork images must be high-resolution (min. 300Dpi) maximum 4MB in size and in one  of the following formats: JPG, PNG or GIF.
3.8 All images should be a true representation of the final and complete Artwork(s) detailed  in the Entry. Images may not be manipulated or otherwise artificially or digitally  enhanced by the Entrant.
3.9 All Entries must be received by the Organisers by 12 midnight GMT on 30 September 2021.
3.10 By completing the entry form, the Entrant agrees to the Organisers collecting, retaining,  processing, or otherwise utilising the Entrant’s personal information for the purposes of  processing the Entry to the Competition, the promotion and administration of the  Competition including distribution of the details for any and all promotional or marketing  purposes and the creation of the Finalist’s Exhibition. The personal information of  Entrants will not be shared with third parties or otherwise processed for alternative  purposes without the Entrant’s consent.

4.1 Each Entrant may submit up to five Artworks.
4.2 Entrants are required to enter the Competition through the submission platform link as  will be sent by the Organisers. Entrants must complete all fields of the online entry form  and upload digital image(s) of their Artwork.

5.1 All Artwork(s) must be the original work of the Entrant and must have been produced  within the current or previous calendar year.
5.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the Entrants hereby warrant that they own the copyright to  their Artwork(s) and further warrant that their Artwork contains no feature or aspect or  material that constitutes a breach (or potential/anticipatory breach) of a third party’s  intellectual property.
5.3 Limited edition Artwork (e.g. photographs, digital works, prints or sculptures) must not  have been produced in more than five numbered copies with an additional three artist’s  proofs. In such cases, each Artwork must be signed and numbered, and the Entry must  include a declaration stating the edition number of the Artwork and total editions made.
5.4 Medium Performance art and art consisting solely of audio, video or time-based media  can be sent via Wetransfer to
5.5 Entrants should only submit finished, complete Artworks into the Competition. Unfinished  Artworks or Artworks which are partially complete will not be accepted.

6.1 The winning artist will be officially notified by email
6.2 It is intended that each winning artist Artwork(s) will, at the discretion of the Organisers, be  exhibited and publicised on artHARARE and Africa First websites, associated printed materials and  digital channels. The Organisers will arrange media coverage and publicity.
6.3 Unless otherwise agreed with the Organisers in writing, the winning artist consents to the following points:
1The Organisers have the right to reproduce images of the winning artist Artwork for publicity,  marketing and promotional purposes.
2artHARARE has the right to reproduce images of the winning artist  Artwork(s) (with full credit to the Finalist) for artHARARE marketing materials.
6.4 The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify an Entrant, where in the view of the  Organisers: the Artwork does not meet the requirements as stated herein, the Entrant  cannot be contacted or the Entrant does not respond within seven days of being  contacted by the Organisers.
6.10 The Organisers and the Judging Panel reserve the right to offer the place of a disqualified  Entrant to another Entrant but are not obliged to do so.


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