Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg, South Africa
27 Jul 2013 - 28 Jul 2013

At the Turbine Art fair there will be free educational talks by Stephen Welz, Jillian Ross, Stephen Hobbs and Warren Siebrits.


Art talks – Saturday & Sunday of the fair

11:30 – Stephen Welz – The Contemporary Art Market in South Africa

Stephan Welz – Managing Director Strauss & Co
Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings, Prints and Sculpture
Stephan Welz is the longest practicing fine art expert and auctioneer in South Africa with over 35 years of experience with Sotheby’s in London, Amsterdam and South Africa. He has a vast knowledge of South African art and antiques making him the most respected “Generalist” in these fields. Stephan will be hosting a talk the contemporary art market in South Africa.


12:30 – Jillian Ross – Professional Insight – Understanding Editioned Artworks

Jillian Ross – Master Printer and Workshop Manager
Jillian Ross, from David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) will give professional insight into the understanding of editioned artworks on paper and working directly with artists in the studio. Emphasis will be placed on collaborations with South African artists William Kentridge, Diane Victor, Stephen Hobbs, Deborah Bell and Senzo Shabangu.


13:30 – Stephen Hobbs – Wishing you a long life, or not – longevity, career and studio management, connecting one’s work to the world out there

Stephen Hobbs – Longevity, career and studio management, connecting one’s work to the world out there, working with and transcending the market place, writing ones’ self into history but also recognising the impact of one’s practice and its power on those nearest.


14:30 – Warren Siebrits – The Art of Collecting
More about the professionals

Warren Siebrits – has worked as an art advisor and art dealer for over the last twenty years in numerous art galleries and independently. In 2002, Warren established the Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary art, publishing 35 catalogues and 1 monograph (a specialist work of writing on a single subject or an aspect of a subject, usually by a single author) of Jo Ratcliffe. Warren currently works as a private art consultant and art dealer and has established a monthly newsletter title “The Art of Collecting”


Jozi Inner City Public Art Walk and Turbine Art Fair

Date: 27th July
Time: 14h00 to 15h30 followed by entrance to fair
Meeting Place: Turbine Hall 65 Ntemi Piliso Street, Newtown, Johannesburg

Tour: a tour focusing on public art and street/urban art (graffiti) in the area.
The tour will end at the Turbine Art Fair.
Cost: R130 pp (inc entrance into fair at R50)



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