Armen Agop: Emergence

LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects, Brussels, Belgium
25 Jan 2018 - 30 Mar 2018

By Armen Agop

By Armen Agop

LKFF Art &  Sculpture Projects Brussles presents a solo exhibition by Armen Agop. “Emergence” is a research of lines emerging from compact volumes that reach beyond the limits of the form. It will run from 25 January through 30 March.

A line is a very elemental entity. Agop explores various situations where lines emerge from different compact forms, seeking the outside world. Sharp lines appear, cutting through the space. Less sharp lines are vague apparitions initiating outer contact. Although these forms are quite compact and contained the emerging lines have an optimistic presence, suggesting growth and expansion. It leaves us with a spatial interrogation. We witness a process of materialization of the space surrounding the sculptures.

Agop’s lines represent the tide between the internal and the external. The internal energy reaches out- ward, looking towards the external space. These lines have a unique essentiality, they are not a fragment of the sculpture. They are a fundamental part of a totality, we don’t know which one is the result of the other. Does the line emerge from the form, or is it the form emerging the line? Agop describes his obsessive process as a meditative practice, a rituality which seeks an interior cosmos and explores a spacial depth. Observing and re-observing a line, sculpting it and re-sculpting it, each time discovering a new way of being and a different dimension of existence.

Armen Agop was born to Armenian parents in Cairo, Egypt, where he was confronted daily with the dualities of the two ancient cultures. The dialog between the two heritages created in him a continuous reevaluation of values, a unique perspective between east and west and old and new.  Through his meditative process Agop developed a personal relation with matter and time, resulting in works that describe precisely, ambiguous entities. His sculptures can be perplexing, often appearing as futuristic beings or UFOs, and at the same time, remind one of the soberness of ancient Egyptian art in its powerful lines and simple forms. In 2010 he won the Umberto Mastroianni award and in 2013 he was awarded the Sulmona prize, the Presidential Medal of the Italian Republic.


LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects
15 Rue Blanche
B-1050 Brussels




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