Curatorial Residency at ARAK Collection in Doha

Arak Collection, Doha, Qatar

Image Courtesy ARAK Collection

Image Courtesy ARAK Collection

The selected curator will develop their work in two parts: research, firstly while in residence at ARAK Collection in Doha – Qatar, and after when traveling or back home. Followed by an exhibition based on the results and approved curatorial concept submitted to the ARAK Collection Curatorial Advisory Committee. A comprehensive exhibition catalogue (English and Arabic) is expected to be published and released at the exhibition opening.


USD 5000 for research expense and fee.
USD 15,000 to produce the exhibition and publish the catalogue.


The Curatorial Residency Fellowship Program was created to support ARAK Collection’s Mission of developing and supporting young and mid-career artists and curators through promoting curatorial research, publications and exhibitions of their collection’s works. Curators are expected to propose new and innovative approaches to the ARAK Collection’s works and submit unprecedented exhibition proposals and associated publications.


Applications and associated files are accepted by email only, sent to: or by completing the online application form on here.

The file must include the following :

Online Application Form:

a biography of the curator(s) (maximum 500 keystrokes), complete with training, research and contact details, and a portfolio (pdf) of various projects the curator has carried out or is working on.

a written statement of interest in the ARAK Collection Residency Fellowship Program and how it will contribute to the curators research and career interests and development. (maximum 3 000 keystrokes, word or pdf), an estimated research timetable and an estimated exhibition production timetable both for the exhibition and the catalogue.
a recommendation letter from relevant artworld professional, with whom the applicant has worked closely is welcomed, but not essential.

The texts must be in English only.




Following the curators selection, the curator will receive a USD 5000 research grant, paid in monthly disbursements throughout the 6 months duration of the project as agreed with the ARAK Collection Curatorial Advisory Committee.
The budget and schedule will be submitted to the ARAK Collection team for approval.
The curator will have 4 months of research time, after which he/she will send a Curatorial Concept to the ARAK Collection Curatorial Advisory Committee, which will determine whether the project is feasible and can be organized as an exhibition (stage 2).


If approved, the project will enter the production stage, supervised by the ARAK Collection team.

The USD15,000 budget, managed by the ARAK Collection team, includes:

designing, setting up and taking down the exhibition as well as for providing security.
invitation of the curator and, possibly, artists to Doha during opening week (and/or during the installation and public programing associated with the exhibition).

The curator will:

select the works forming the body of the exhibition from the ARAK Collection
draft a Curatorial Concept presenting the selection of exhibition works
attend the exhibition opening week and participate in the associated public programming to be proposed by the curator and approved by the ARAK Collection team.


In view of the current Covid 19 Global travel restrictions and limitations on movement of individuals across the countries benefiting from our Fellowships Program, a detailed Timetable will be announced after ARAK Collection announces the recipients of the Curatorial Fellowship to ensure it can be executed by the recipients


For more information about the ARAK Collection Fellowships please mail to :


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