António Ole: 50 Years, Past, Present and Future

Banco Económico , Luanda, Angola
26 Apr 2019 - 14 Jun 2019

«Untitled (III)». Luanda, 1998. Photograph on aluminum. 90 × 120 cm. Artist’s collection. Photograph: António Ole

The exhibition “50 Years – Past, Present and Future” is a celebration and homage of Banco Económico to António Ole’s half-century career, one of Angola’s greatest contemporary artists. The art exhibition includes about 40 works – including painting, drawing, installation and photography – creates a retrospective of some of the most emblematic pieces of the artist’s early years and also presents several recent and unpublished works.

António Ole is a unique, multifaceted artist with a vast and diversified work, materializing in various artistic areas – from painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video and film – and his creations have been exhibited in the most respected spaces of art, worldwide.

His works are inspired by the land where he was born and approach universal aspects, such as the human capacity to face challenges, to resist, to survive and to evolve, without losing his identity. António Ole maintains a restless nature, constant discovery of new techniques and creative approaches, which turns his art into a constant process of evolution and innovation.

António Ole’s professional career is intrinsically linked to the various dimensions of evolution of Angolan society and the geographies he has traveled through. His work is an indelible legacy in contemporary art and culture in Angola.




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