Art is always public – An artist’s film each week!

Villa Romana, Online , Italy
25 Mar 2020 - 31 Mar 2020

Lerato Shadi, MOSI KE O NE …, 2018, video still, © (cc by-nc-nd 4.0)

Lerato Shadi, MOSI KE O NE …, 2018, video still, © (cc by-nc-nd 4.0)

How can we maintain closeness and exchange when the survival motto these days is “social distance”?

With a film programme Villa Romana would like to maintain a form of public and an attention towards artistic productions. Every Wednesday in the next few weeks an artist’s film will be shared  online, which has been produced in or around Villa Romana in recent years or was shown here. There are also some new releases!

The programme of the next weeks includes films by Mikhail Karikis, Shannon Bool, Lerato Shadi, Sophie Reinhold, Fide Dayo, Mario Rizzi, Maya Schweizer, Eleni Kamma, Dani Gal, Karolina Bregula, Andrea d’Amore, Alessandra Ferrini and others.

Currently on view:

25. – 31. March 2020
Lerato Shadi, MOSI KE O NE … (2018)
HDV 1080p, colour, audio, 11:50 min

MOSI KE O NE … looks at erasure and asks if it’s possible to make whole again what has been lost, essentially questioning if it’s possible to reverse time. Can lost knowledge be reclaimed? Can time be reversed? Is it necessary to reverse time? The video connects a recovery of a lost history to the recovery of a personal self. The digging up of bones, treasures and a restorative fire. The video taps into a well established visual archive of using a book to mean knowledge and fire to mean destruction.

Shot on location at Villa Romana, Florence, 2018

Lerato Shadi, born 1979 in Mahikeng, South Africa, lives and works in Berlin. She was a Villa Romana Fellow in 2018. Her artistic practice is concerned with body politics. This involves institutional violence, patriarchal and colonial strategies of exclusion and forgetting, and resistant subjective narratives. Working across video, performance and installation, and often employing repetitive processes, she argues the importance of centering – not just including – the marginalised body as a main figure of narrative experience.

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