Ámà: 4 Days on Caring, Repairing and Healing

Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany
04 Nov 2021 - 07 Nov 2021

Ámà: 4 Days on Caring, Repairing and Healing
© very

Ámà: 4 Days on Caring, Repairing and Healing © very

From 4 to 7 November 2021, the Gropius Bau hosts a four-day programme that focuses on diverse approaches to the fields of care, repair and healing.

Against the backdrop of an unprecedented global health emergency, with its social, political, economic and psychological consequences, Ámà: 4 Days on Caring, Repairing and Healing has invited organisations, researchers, activists and artists working in Berlin and beyond to be together and share their thoughts, experiences and ideas. This event also serves as a prelude to an extensive thematic exhibition at the Gropius Bau in 2022.

Choosing Emeka Ogboh’s installation Ámà: The Gathering Place in the Gropius Bau’s atrium as vantage point, the four days intend to offer a holistic dialogue on caring, repairing and healing, and foster engagement among diverse communities. The participatory gathering incorporates non-western epistemologies and underrepresented post-colonial and Indigenous knowledge systems. Guest speakers include activists, artists and theorists, who, alongside the Gropius Bau’s publics, will investigate and reassess these topologies. The Gropius Bau’s involvement with surrounding neighbourhood initiatives also plays a crucial role in the programme.

In addition to talks and panels, formats include a listening session; a dinner; a workshop for children; a room for reading, reflection and informal conversation; a space for decompression; and a Radical Attention session – a “speed dating”-inspired format encouraging a breadth and range of interactions.

Curated by Stephanie Rosenthal, Magnus Rosengarten and Julia Grosse with Katharina Küster.

The event is part of Mindscapes, Wellcome’s international cultural programme about mental health.


Full program here: berlinerfestspiele.de



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