Afropean Mimicry & Mockery in Theatre, Performance & Visual Arts II

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
28 Oct 2015 - 01 Nov 2015

Afropean Mimicry & Mockery in Theatre, Performance & Visual Arts II

Vanite Apparate, Ein Schein von Eitelkeit © Yves Sambu.jpg

Featuring theatre, performance, video, literature and music, the second edition of Afropean Mimicry & Mockery is dedicated to the relationship between Africa and Europe, particularly from an African per- spective: in his masterpiece Le Socle des Vertiges (The Foundation of Vertigo), Congolese author, director and actor Dieudonné Niangouna deals with growing up in the midst of a civil war, ways of handling this experience and the simultaneous need to participate in the reinvention of a social and public order. Another focus lies on the “dissection” of whiteness. In what ways are relationships of power and the gaze con- nected? Where and by whom are Western points of view called into question? Artist Simone Dede Ayivi explores such issues in Performing Back.

As a production platform Afropean Mimicry & Mockery – funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation – provides residencies and work- spaces and supports the development of new pro-ductions. This year’s residents Martin Ambara and Boyzie Cekwana will be presenting insights into their current projects.

A one-day research atelier presents artistic and academic projects on questions of representation, affirmation and subversion, and the exhibition Facing the Mockery shows selected positions by Sam Hopkins, Yves Sambu, Simon Rittmeier and Otieno Gomba.

The band Algiers provides the festival soundtrack with a mix of gospel and punk in a highly political concert on Friday evening.

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Exhibition „Facing the Mockery“

28 October – 01 November at Foyer & Studio 2
opening one hour before the start of the show

entrance free

Is it ok to use age-old objects from an anthropological collection to shot an aerobics video? Is it political to drink schnapps and dance on the graves of former colonial rulers? Is faking European NGO-logos art? And if yes: who is mocking who and why? The exhibition Facing the Mockery presents four artists and their ironic, subversive and disrespectful approaches to African-European history.

Featuring works by Sam Hopkins (Nairobi), Simon Rittmeier (Paris), Yves Sambu (Kinshasa) and Otieno Gomba (Nairobi).


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