Afrolution Festival

Each One Teach One eV, Berlin, Germany
23 Jun 2022 - 26 Jun 2022

Afrolution Festival

From June 23-26, 2022, the next edition of the Afrolution Festival will take place under the title »Planetary [Vulner]Abilities. African//-Diasporic Worldmaking«.

The program will take place in the rooms of Each One Teach One eV at Togostraße 76, among others, with 40 festival guests from Africa and its global diasporas in Berlin. The festival enables a transnational and intersectional polylogue between scholars/artists/activists from Africa and its diasporas.

The focus is on a) the challenges and vulnerabilities faced by populations of African descent worldwide – historically and currently – and b) their strategies of resilience, de-vulnerability and transformation in cultural production, political and philosophical thinking and civic engagement .

The program can be downloaded here.




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