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African Art Book Fair

Space in Librairie aux 4 Vents, Dakar, Senegal
04 May 2016 - 08 May 2016


In the Dakar Biennial, the online magazine Afrikadaa is proud to announce the first edition of the African Art Book Fair (AABF). The Fair will take place from May 4th to 8th 2016, during the 12th international biennial of contemporary art, at the Aux 4 vents library.

The AABF is an independent publishing fair, with discussion panels that concentrate on specific themes linked to art publications, photography, design, experimental music, open culture and activism. The AABF presents independent art editors from the whole of Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas. It is the first fair of this kind in Africa.

The AABF recognizes and supports unique publishing practices. The AABF also wants to put in contact editors with the larger public, online and offline. The fair underlines innovative editorial practices, and the physicality of the book as a medium that be transcribed in other forms of media. The AABF showcases the work of international artists, through affordable books, while giving an alternative space to the biennials, galleries, and museums.

The AABF is a travelling entity, and will be present at fairs, salons, and biennials. Today, the absence of a critical production endangers the transmission of contemporary art from Africa, and its diaspora in terms of critic, analysis, and aesthetic. The ABBF will go through frontiers to confirm the necessity of writing about new and contemporary forms.

From May 4th to 8th in Dakar, the AABF will welcome participants from different countries, therefore offering a diversity of editorial practices. The program includes exhibitors, a place for debates and exchanges around discussion panels, an exhibit space, workshops and performances.


Find the full programme here




The AABF was founded by a group of artists, art critics and book lovers. These artists care about the critical production in southern territories, and have an engagement in art publication, on the international scene. It wants to defend and reinforce the social critical integrity in the artistic world, and gives voice to those that we do not hear enough, in the biennials, fairs in Africa and across the world.


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