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Africa Foto Fair 2023

Aida Muluneh Studio, Abidjan, Ivory Coast (cote D`ivoire)
05 Nov 2023 - 17 Dec 2023

Louis Oke-Agbo, Africa Foto Fair, 2023. Courtesy of Africa Foto Fair

Louis Oke-Agbo, Africa Foto Fair, 2023. Courtesy of Africa Foto Fair

Aida Muluneh Studio presents the second edition of Africa Foto Fair. The Africa Foto Fair aims to bring the world to Africa and take Africa to the world through images.

When Aida Muluneh began her journey as a photographer in Ethiopia, she rapidly recognized the lack of infrastructure and opportunities for emerging talents. In 2010, she created the Addis Foto Fest a photography festival held in Addis Ababa to showcase talents from the continent and beyond. The festival also aimed to establish a platform where artists, collectors, and professionals could meet. After several successful editions, the global pandemic hit, and the need to find other ways to reach out to more people, without borders, became apparent. So, in 2022, the even more ambitious project the Africa Foto Fair got launched.

The First edition of Africa Foto Fair, at the MuCat, welcomed over 7,000 visitors, with the majority hailing from Abobo. This illustrated that the transformative power of creativity, art and culture should be accessible to all. I firmly believe that these tools of art and culture have the potential to ignite change, enabling us to better comprehend the world and ourselves.

Hence, the launching of this Second edition is a continuation of the primary objective: bringing the art of photography to those who might not have access. The second goal is to support MuCat as a place where the people of the city can unite. With such engagement one can make a meaningful impact, building a stronger and resilient community and youth. The power of photography is a potent instrument for inspiration, education, and a catalyst for meaningful change.


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