Aboudia: Môgô Dynasty

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury , Abidjan, Ivory Coast (cote D`ivoire)
23 Sep 2016 - 19 Nov 2016

Aboudia: Môgô Dynasty

Môgôs #1, 2015, mixed media on canvas, 145 x 180 cm © Aboudia

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury presents Môgô Dynasty, the third solo exhibition by the Ivorian artist Aboudia in its space. This portrait of a changing society assembles his most recent works produced in Abidjan alongside a monumental in situ installation.

Aboudia’s work depicts the vitality and the unvarnished energy of a youth that gets by and manages; the smiles are a little nightmarish at times, but these broad smiles exalt their experience. This generation on the fringes of society is growing and taking on a new form. Its strength is becoming clearer as it is restructured. In each work swarms a multitude of lives, a breath of fresh air and noise, silhouettes seek their place in endlessly narrow spaces.

In Môgô Dynasty, Aboudia’s paintings shrink. The figures are stifled in the frame. Their voices are heard in a steamy commotion, their combined force at bursting point. The ground appears to have disappeared, the perspective restricted to colour, right up to the overhang and edges of the canvas. The accents on the amassed characters signify a burning desire for self-assertion in a daily whirlwind. With no indication of realism, Aboudia develops the distinctive features of those with whom he shares time and space. The out of scope has a place in this Ivorian chronicle. These wall paintings are extracts, the catalytic essence of street fragments.




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