Abba Makama : The Dodorowski’s Knock-Offs

A Whitespace Creative Agency, Lagos, Nigeria
14 Dec 2019 - 20 Dec 2019

Abba Makama, I Punk’d APC cos PDP was Daft. Courtesy the artist.

Abba Makama, I Punk’d APC cos PDP was Daft. Courtesy the artist.

The Dodorowski’s Knock-Offs exhibition is the second series of artist, Abba Makama’s, vibrant acrylics. In these works, he utilizes parody to tackle the subjects of love, death, fashion, and power with bold paintings.

Abba’s stark use of colors compels the audience to be hypnotized by the eccentric pop-era inspired paintings, as they invoke humor and reflection.

Abba’s re-imagination of the word “knock-offs” becomes transformed from its superficial interpretation into something that can be referred to in the human form. As we take this journey into Abba’s creative thinking, he gives the audience a unique opportunity to explore his vivid and critical imagination…

The Dodorowski’s Knock-Offs exhibition will be produced and presented by A Whitespace Creative Agency.

ABBA T. MAKAMA (DODOROWSKI) a visual artist and award-winning filmmaker. He’s feature film Green White Green premiered at TIFF 2016 (Toronto International Film Festival) to critical acclaim and is currently on Netflix worldwide. He’s had two solo exhibitions, HYPNAGOGIA 2016 at Iamisgo Showroom and IMAGES FROM THE UNCONSCIOUS 2017 at Art Clip Radisson Blu V.I.





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